For a three week cure for aching joints Eat lots of celery and drink a half glass of celery juice daily


. Take a half-teaspoon of nutmeg from the kitchenin the palm of your hand and gulp it down. It's gives you that instant relief.

Athletes foot

Rub on Milk of Magnesia for an overnight cure


Put a drop of bleach on a Q-tip and spot it on ant bite or put

Vicks on it and it will stop the festering.

Vinegar - just rub over the bite and within a few minutes it stops hurting.

Ant Bites- and other stings/bites

A raw potato, finely grated, applied to a sting or bite, will reduce or remove swelling, and pulls the sting from the wound. Also works on spider bites

Vinegar - just rub over the bite and within a few minutes it stops hurting.



Slice a piece of potato, leaving the skin on and apply the sliced part on boil, cover with a band-aid. Do this at bedtime. The next morning it will have popped or be ready to pop. The moisture in the potato is what draws it to a head.


When you get an injury that will result in the appearance of a bruise, if you rub a bit of Arnica gel on it immediately---- NO BRUISE!

The potato is one of the best all-round treatments for sprains, bruises, swelling and numerous other such injuries. Cut a raw potato and rub it on the hurt area


For small burns: Keep an aloe vera plant growing in you home. Break a prong of the aloe vera plant off and squeeze the gelatine like juice onto the burn. It will stop the sting and heal fast.

Also for relief from the stinging sensation of a burn, make a paste or baking soda and water and apply it to affected area. A slice of Tomato will also relive the stinging



The traditional cure for earache is to lightly fry minced onions in a drop of olive oil until transparent, wrap in light cotton and place against your head behind the earlobe, when cool enough to bear.


A cup of hot ginger tea - 1 tsp ginger dissolved in a 8 oz cup - 3 times in the same day. It'll banish the flu entirely, no waiting. The tea has to be drank hot though, lukewarm isn't hot enough. Add lemon juice and honey to make it taste better!


Crush 3 cloves of Garlic into a glass, put in one large spoon of real honey (not that blended stuff that pours from the jar) Irish heather honey or Manuka honey is best, grate in a lump of fresh ginger then fill the glass with boiling water and stir. Drink as soon as you can bear it - don't attempt to talk to anyone for a few hours !!


When you have the hiccups, light a match, drop it in a glass of water and drink the water but do not swallow the match.


Vicks actually works for nail fungus.... just put it on twice a day, and in a week or two it's gone!


Vinegar will stop a nosebleed in its tracks. Just take a small sip and get it to the back of your throat, and breathe the vapours out your nose. No more nosebleeds!


A small bag of plain kitchen salt heated in the oven until very warm and cradled around a sore throat for relief.


For stomachache drink the juice of one whole lemon mixed with 2 tsp. of sugar.


Cover the area with moist Cabbage leaves ond hold in place until swelling subsides replace cabbage when leaves get wilted ( especially good for breastfeeding mothers)