Cassidys Pub
Croide na Boirne
Carron, Co. Clare, Ireland
Tel +353 65 708 9109
Fax +353 65 708 9232

It may seem a little strange to see horses for sale on a Pub and Restaurant web site, but we have a farm on which we rear our own beef and goat for the menu.We keep horses to maintain our sanity on our

time off.

We concentrate on Breeding Irish Draughts and Connemara ponies, the Irish draught being the foundation breed for all good showjumpers and hunters (if you go back in the ancestory of most of the successful showjumpers over the last 50 years you will find an Irish Draught mare at some stage), with a proven record as a sober honest horse.

Connemara ponies are as, any horse person will tell you, the best (pound for pound) general performance pony in the world, while possesing a temperment that      be trusted with a six allows them to be handled by a six              year old clildcan year old child.



We strive to breed performance horses and ponies with impecable temperment, this is the one quality that all our animals must posess.We have small kids so we cannot afford to have anything that we cannot trust.

Over the Years we have built up a herd of Irish Draught and Connemara mares who have, and breed this kind of temperment, and have found performance pure bred ID and Connemara stallions to cross with them, so we end up with a very athletic honest horse.

A selection of what we have for sale at the moment can be viewed by clicking below,and we can be contacted on the numbers above. If you are interested in purchasing any of our horses, accomodation can be provided when you come to look, which will be refunded if you purchase. We can organize delivery to anywhere in the world.