We make and Bake all our our Desserts

This is a sample menu of our desserts,

it is subject to change depending on what is in season.


Chocolate Hazelnut Cake €4.95

Gluten free


Luscious Layered cake €4.95

Biscuits, pudding(custard) salted crackers toffee Topped with vanila pastry cream


Grasshopper Pie €4.95

Refreshing minty mousse on a chocolate biscuit base topped with chocolate shavings


Raspberry Swirl Cake€4.95

Light raspberry cake served with fresh cream and raspberry coulis


Death by Chocolate Brownie€4.95

Indulgent rich dark chocolate and toffee Brownie drizzled with rich chocolate sauce


Banoffi Pie €4.95

Biscuit base topped with toffee, bananas and cream


Apple Tart €4.95

Freshly made with our own Tart Irish apples with cream or icecream


Our famous homemade Fruit scones * 2.50


Sweet buttermilk scones* 2.50


Brown scones* 2.50

*Served with homemade jam, butter and whipped cream

In 2007 we imported an Ice-ream/ Frozen yougurt blender from Canada, this machine infuses Ice-Cream with any fresh fruit (or Chocholate) so you can have any flavor Ice-cream.

Frozen Yougurt tastes the same as Icecream without all the calories !!


Frozen Yoghurt with blended fruit 3.75


Ice-Cream with blended fruit 3.95


CHOICE OF FRUIT Strawberry, Mango, Banana, Blackberry, Blueberry, Passion fruit, Coconut, Fig

Pure Fruit Smoothies (Freshly made) 8oz 3.95

Strawberry/Peach, Strawberry/Mango , Strawberry/Banana